Don’t forget that Queensland state and local elections will be held in the near future. Who you vote for will have a significant impact on whether the planned superquarry goes ahead. We will keep you informed on what is said by your local and state representatives and candidates on this issue.

Letter from LNP President, Bruce McIver -May 2010

Peter Dowling (former Redland councillor, current M.P. for Redlands)

Bayside Bulletin 17/07/07
“I don’t believe I can support this quarry, citing residents concerns (Deputy Mayor Redlands)”

Council votes 8-2 against quarry 20/11/07
Deputy Mayor of Redlands Peter Dowling votes against new superquarry at Mt. Cotton

Bayside Bulletin 27/11/07
“Deputy Mayor Peter Dowling has written to Deputy Premier Paul Lucas, urging him to put the communties mind at rest. ‘His failure to call it in would certainly be a disappointment and I think the community would feel let down’, he said.”

Bayside Bulletin 11/12/07
“Deputy Mayor Peter Dowling accused the State Government of letting the community down by refusing to bury the quarry proposal. Councillor Dowling who voted against the quarry said, ‘the government had missed the point’. It could have spared the council costly and difficult court battle.”

The Reporter 24/02/10
“State member for Redlands Peter Dowling said, ‘I am just amazed that a government that seems so environmentally aware have really turned a blind eye to this for the past six or seven years.'”

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