Two reports from an expert on quarries (M.L. O’Flynn) suggest that Mount Cotton is not a suitable site for quarrying due to the close proximity of residential areas and that better quarry site¬†alternatives¬†exist.

View the report extracts below.

Quarry report 1

Quarry report 2

There has been a systematic contempt of due process including misleading of Ministers, inter Department bullying of junior Departments and Redland City Council officers by senior public servants and complete contempt of non
industry stakeholders. What the community wants is a Public Enquiry to investigate, report on and make recommendations on:

  • Circumstances around the inclusion of the southern Mt Cotton properties into the planning policy, the assessment and consideration of public and environmental impact of the same;
  • Circumstances around property transactions of the same properties during the drafting State Planning Policy for Extractive Industries;
  • Relationships between senior public servants and quarry industry lobbyists and other stakeholders during the drafting and following the release of the State Planning Policy for Extractive Industries;
  • The circumstance and treatment of parties responsible for the illegal removal and sale of 375,000 cubic meters of quarry material from a public road bisecting the same southern Mt Cotton properties;
  • The introduction, amending and changing of planning and environmental overlays on the same southern Mt Cotton properties during the drafting and after the release of the State Planning Policy for Extractive Industries.

It is a disgrace what has been happening and a public inquiry is the only way to go.