The Road

The issue of the public road which resulted in Barro losing its Appeal in the P & E Court has given rise to a major issue in itself.  Following many complaints from residents and despite being warned by the Forestry Department of the Environment Protection Agency in 2004 (and subsequently) to stop clearing and extracting material, Barro continued to extract quarry material. The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) has found that 357,700 cubic metres of material has been extracted, resulting in a major hole within the public road reserve. Due to safety concerns the road reserve has been fenced off, thus denying access to the general public.

The conclusion to a protracted investigation by DERM of this unauthorised extraction of material has lead to royalties being paid to the value of $618,158. The conservative market value of the material extracted is in the order of $14,000,000. Allowing for royalties and the cost of extraction, the Barro Group has received a significant windfall profit. No actual fine or additional penalty or reparations have been imposed. Thus the state Government appears to have condoned the theft of a state resource.  The road reserve is owned by the people of Queensland and Barro has seemingly been allowed to escape any sanction for this serious misdemeanour.  The matter is still being pursued with one outcome being that the ”theft” is a police matter but it is up for Redlands City Council to complain to the police. Watch this space! We have also been advised that Crown Law advice has been sought by the Attorney-General again following our pressurising, but in response the A-G has flicked passed it back to DERM. So it goes full circle, a theft of $14m. of public assets and no-one prepared to recover what is due to the Queensland taxpayer.