Dust plume - Mt. Cotton

Silicosis is the incurable disease caused by breathing in silica dust. The Mount Cotton superquarry will produce silica dust from blasting, drilling and truck movements. Residents living near to the quarry will be subject to this deadly dust which can be carried hundreds of metresin any direction, depending on wind conditions.

Below are two graphs, the first is the model currently adopted by the QLD State Government and the second is a more appropriate model that recognises the risks to people living near quarries. This is the model that the QLD Government needs to adopt.




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For a more detailed explanation on silica dust and its effects, read Ian Bridge’s peer-reviewed paper or read the book ‘Deadly Dust’ by David Rosner & Gerald Markowitz.

Remember, silica dust does not stop at the boundary of the quarry. Families living close to any quarry should have chest x-rays every 3-4 years. If in the future silicosis appears in any family member, we suggest you get in touch with:

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