Just to keep all our followers up-to-date, firstly, thanks to all who sent in submissions against the Barro Group quarry operator at Mt Cotton getting his hands on our Nature Trail road. We the people have owned it since 1860 .I received a letter 1st April from David Crisafulli, minister for local government, stating that the minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps is preparing a detailed response soon re: the road. We sincerely hope it is not another gift for the Barro Group. There was nothing in the Barro quarry application regarding the taking of our road, why now? We can still never get over the fact that 11,000 submissions and petitions against the new Superquarry, with only 25 in favour got the go ahead from this government. For years this present government kept telling the people of Redland and Logan City “vote for us and the quarry is dead”. Liars. Never mind, election soon and don’t forget Dowling, Davies and Robinson all voted for the toxic Biomass next to Mt Cotton School. Dowling also voted for a chicken processing plant in Mt Cotton Village. The time is right to get rid of these environmental vandals. It’s up to you. The Barro Group needs to have some people from the local area to oversee his plans and have input on how he intends to keep to his agreement with Jeff Seeney and the government. Anyone wishing to put their name forward please let us know.

Mount Cotton is a suburb with mixed residential communities and Queensland’s most significant coastal koala habitat. It is nestled between Redland/Logan Cities and Springwood.  The recent acquisition of a large parcel of land that has regionally significant Koala habitat and unique cloud rainforest by Melbourne based quarry operator, Barro Group has alarmed the community. Since the purchase environmental and vegetation protection overlays have been removed by the State Government. These have been replaced with a quarry overlay that will result in a quarry pit 1km across with a depth below sea level. In the process significant habitat and creek systems will be lost and the communities of Redlands, Logan and Springwood will be exposed to silica dust plumes along with up to 80,000 heavy truck movements annually.


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24/12/10 – The Barro Group has lodged its application for the new superquarry with Redland City Council. Council officers will now assess the application to determine if it complies with the Redlands Planning Scheme.